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Noun1.printing concern - a company that does commercial printingprinting concern - a company that does commercial printing
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
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Pasvil is also the lenticular division for Color Graf, a major printing concern in the region.
For example, if the publisher of the association's magazine is dating the president of a printing concern, rather than force the publisher to resign, it would be better to forbid the publisher to use that company or to have any decision-making role in selecting printing companies.
affiliate of a Canadian firm, an Arizona-based commercial printing concern by a Swiss printing and publishing firm, and a Maryland-based printing business by a U.
a retail printing concern, relocated from 281 Fifth Avenue, to the Concourse * Rocky Mount Undergarment, Inc.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Johnson Printing has announced that it is merging with Mountain Graphics, a Denver commercial sheetfed printing concern.
a major commercial printing concern based in Montreal, owns 20% of Donohue Inc.

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