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Noun1.prison chaplain - a chaplain in a prison
chaplain - a clergyman ministering to some institution
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Morrison explained that worked for a time in England as a prison chaplain, but she was often met with resistance and heckles by British Caribbean prisoners, who told her they felt forgotten and wanted nothing to do with the "white man's God" of whom she spoke.
"You lied to the police, to doctors treating you and to the prison chaplain."
No relatives, friends or members of the public attended the six-minute service conducted by prison chaplain the Rev Rodney Cameron and witnessed by funeral parlour staff.
Ultimately, Israel reported, Walker failed to have Witch removed, and his proposed legislation on proportional prison chaplain representation never came to pass.
Master chef, professional chocolatier and former prison chaplain, David Greenwood-Haigh has used his 35 years' experience in the food industry to create a brand new range of chocolate jams.
Film4 2.30PM Genial prison chaplain Peter Sellers is a literal clerical error after being sent by mistake to a Tory stronghold.
I realized this in 1985 when I was a prison chaplain in Michigan and a man housed in punitive segregation recounted to me how he longed to see the gravestone of his only son.
The contestants this year seem to have been selected as much for their colourful backgrounds as their sewing skills and include a serving policeman and a retired Buddhist prison chaplain while another woman is using traditional Nigerian tailoring skills which means ditching paper patterns and just transferring measurements straight to the fabric.
His visit will include a keynote address about local democracy at a dinner in Sunderland, a special trip to a Durham Prison looking at the work of the Prison Chaplain, a visit to a newly formed Church of England primary school in Redhouse Sunderland, a service at Sunderland Minster and a meeting with an asylum seekers group in Stockton.
and prison chaplain, Eugene Public Library Director Connie Bennett and Eugene Opera General Director Mark Beudert; guest/gallery admission is $5, free for City Club members; meeting will be broadcast Monday at 6:30 p.m.
"From the time of Marcos, we're used to seeing 100 or 300 prisoners being released on the President's birthday or on Independence Day," said the New Bilibid Prison chaplain, Msgr.
The decision to cut $1.3 million from a $6.4 million program came shortly after Public Safety Minister Vic Toews suspended plans by Correctional Service Canada to hire a Wiccan prison chaplain. A full program review followed; then in October, the cuts were announced.