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Adj.1.prisonlike - resembling a prison
unfree - hampered and not free; not able to act at will
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But the separation of crying migrant children from their parents as a deterrent, and the storing of children in prisonlike conditions, will be some of the most enduring political images of the Trump era.
We first meet Scrooge in his prisonlike workplace: all-metal and hard, cold and unyielding like the man himself, who soon shows his true colours as he gives short shrift to a Christmas Eve carol singer and complains of the greed of workers who expect paid time off on Christmas day.
"We originally looked at typical 6-foot-by-6-foot square stations, but when it was laid out, it looked so prisonlike, with everyone in a box," Chaite said.
A federal judge called out Hutto for its "questionable" living conditions, including the poor food, inadequate medical care, and prisonlike environment.
"What was once a transient facility with a staff that was strained and struggling is now a permanent facility which is more prisonlike," he said.
"These days, we tend to label almost any future city as dystopian, but the term hardly does justice to Miller's complex society....As each of his main characters strives toward some goal--freeing a mother from a prisonlike mental hospital, tracking down the author of a mysterious guidebook, simply trying to retire with dignity--they gain insights not only into the true nature of their city, but into their own families as well." GARY K.WOLFE
And expanding civil commitment laws, critics argue, could also violate due process rights, overwhelm emergency rooms and confine people in prisonlike environments, where treatment sometimes amounts to little more than forced detox without medications to help mitigate withdrawal symptoms.
Countries that once confined the disabled to prisonlike conditions have now embraced and even hosted the games.
Today the physical panopticon has declined in importance, as the digital society has absolute and unprecedented control over individuals without the need for this prisonlike institution, which the author describes as follows:
Angela Davis suggests that the carceral state is so difficult to dislodge because it is composed of a "set of symbiotic relationships among correctional communities, transnational corporations, media conglomerates, guards' unions, and legislative and court agendas." To move in a post-carceral direction, we must get beyond "prisonlike substitutes for the prison," such as house arrest (Davis 2003, 107; 2005).
Frequently affiliated with Latino communities inside or outside the United States, these mostly young men experience prisonlike conditions that can leave many feeling emotionally empty, disoriented and disconnected.
In terms of settings, this 104-minute feature offers primarily a series of institutional spaces--either decaying, dark, and prisonlike corridors, or tidy but blank and anonymous interiors suggesting a hospital--through which an ailing and troubled Ventura moves or lingers, dressed in pajamas, underwear, or frilly dress shirt and slacks, his hands often shaking.