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 (prĭs′tēn′, prĭ-stēn′)
a. Remaining in a pure state, without human alteration: a pristine stream.
b. Remaining free from dirt or decay; clean: pristine mountain snow.
2. Of, relating to, or typical of the earliest time or condition; primitive or original.

[Latin prīstinus; see per in Indo-European roots.]

pris·tine′ly adv.
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(ˈprɪstiːnlɪ; ˈprɪstaɪnlɪ)
in a pristine manner
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Genoroso - and other coastal cities can learn from what Siargaonons are doing to keeping its environs PRISTINELY CLEAN - free from 1x use plastic.
"It's critical that Long Island is kept pristinely and that the quality of life remains good where people want to live," Rechler said.
In brief, Ambedkar couldn't care less for Gandhi's idea of allowing Dalits into temples from where they were barred by tradition, the legacy of pristinely ancient Indian culture.
A mix of modern-day Paris and its belle epoque decor, the hotel's signature Le Grand Salon a adorned head to toe in hand-painted frescoes, Corinthian colonnades and original balustrades a has been pristinely preserved to evoke Paris' golden age.
Joseph Taban, a gentleman wearing a handwritten name badge and a pristinely ironed shirt with a pen in his top pocket, emerges from a modest hut with his wife Betty and newborn son Daniel.
And what about a T-shirt with a pristinely unpolitical message (e.g., "I despise cocker spaniels") that might disturb some sensitive souls in a polling place?
Soaking up this atmospheric legacy, the nearby Hotel Fort Continental's facilities include valet parking, a welcoming reception, a pristinely beautiful lobby, luxurious single and double deluxe rooms and executive suites.
Under the Rule-A-NR.01-18 (all works 2017), for instance, consists of eighteen parts presented in a long row: satin-white car doors, wheel hubs, and exterior siding pristinely painted and hanging on the wall like a run-on pictographic sentence or string of assembly-line hieroglyphs.
Yes, 'Energetic' is a pristinely produced, dynamic electro-pop gem that secures its performers as next-generation superstars."
"There is also an Armenian cathedral in Baku with more than 5,000 ancient Armenian books that the Azerbaijan government is maintaining pristinely. Other faiths function freely in Azerbaijan, including Bah'ais and Zoroastrians," the author notes.