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Noun1.private line - a telephone line serving a single subscriberprivate line - a telephone line serving a single subscriber
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Hubbard had set a price of twenty dollars a year, for the use of two telephones on a private line; and when exchanges were started, the rate was seldom more than three dollars a month.
So while Bell, in eloquent rhapsodies, painted word- pictures of a universal telephone service to applauding audiences, Sanders and Hubbard were leasing telephones two by two, to business men who previously had been using the private lines of the Western Union Telegraph Company.
And the Western Union, in the endeavor to protect its private lines, became involuntarily a bell-wether to lead capitalists in the direction of the telephone.
Twenty minutes after Paulvitch had called Tarzan, Rokoff obtained a connection with Olga's private line. Her maid answered the telephone which was in the countess' boudoir.
Private lines are out; now we must use virtual services.
Verizon said that by operating its own gateways in India, it will retain full control of its international network capacity into and out of India and of its global Private IP and Private Line services.
What we're talking about is private line resale and sharing, which, until recently, was not permitted by the FCC.
Assessing the tradeoffs between private lines and network service when many sets of differently tariffed private lines are installed, particularly for varying call demand.
FairPoint has made its new E-Line services of Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) possible by significantly investing in its communications infrastructure and technology to bring these and other broadband services to northern New England.
Almost any article or discussion about networks begins with the premise that today's private line networks are no longer economical and will eventually be replaced by "software-defined" or "virtual" networks.

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