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Noun1.private security force - a privately employed group hired to protect the security of a business or industryprivate security force - a privately employed group hired to protect the security of a business or industry
personnel, force - group of people willing to obey orders; "a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens"
security guard, watchman, watcher - a guard who keeps watch
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Ra's al Ghul volunteers his own private security force to aid the GCPD, and now they are the saviours standing between nuclear terror and the townspeople!
Connected to the mainland by a single bridge and with its own private security force, famous residents have included J.
His latest project is helping to arm a private security force to better police ethnic and religious minorities in a restive region in China that is ground zero in China's massive surveillance industry.
Prince rose to fame after starting and leading Blackwater, the private security force that changed its name - ( twice - apparently to avoid the negative publicity associated with allegations of misconduct.
A security source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / nina / that a private security force carried out an operation of raid and search in the eastern boarder of the city of Baquba, resulted in the seizure of an explosive belt inside an abandoned house in the area and has / 4 / kg of explosive materials.
Her father is a member of the city's private security force, so Sara must hide her investigation from him, even though he is the one parent who cares about her.
In the wake of a series of anti-Semitic incidents and threats, members of the Chicago Jewish community in the United States have hired a private security force.
in seeking to ensure that no armed rebel organization or criminal entity or public or private security force that is engaged in illegal activities or serious human rights abuses has benefited from any transaction involving such minerals."
A facility owned by the private security force once known as Blackwater has been awarded a $22 million contract to house US troops through 2015.
Rick Perry believes such a private security force is needed on the border, or if he has concerns that such a company might act outside the scope of the law, a spokeswoman instead criticized the federal government.
GUARDS from a private security force began patrolling a city's streets yesterday after hundreds of locals admitted they had lost faith in the police.
THE introduction of a private security force across the city centre (Daily Post, April 1) is only part of a more comprehensive set of measures that Downtown Liverpool in Business (DLIB) members wish Liverpool City Council, the police and others to consider in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour.

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