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1. Causing deprivation, lack, or loss.
2. Grammar Altering the meaning of a term from positive to negative.
n. Grammar
A privative prefix or suffix, such as a-, non-, un-, or -less.

[Middle English privatif, from Latin prīvātīvus, from prīvātus, past participle of prīvāre, to deprive; see private.]

priv′a·tive·ly adv.
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"I spent my time reading, drawing, and playing ping pong," she said in a phone call to the privatively owned TV channel CBC extra.
Waste Control Specialists came forward, and we think the idea of doing it through a privatively funded facility is extremely interesting.
After the 1789 Revolution in France, the Catholic colleges in France were confiscated by the government and Irish seminarians and lay men could no longer be educated there, but from 1792 Catholics in Ireland were allowed to have their own privatively funded schools.
Amway is one of the largest privatively owned companies in the world today with sales of USD 8.9 Billion in 2009.
Rebecca has studied privatively with World-Renowned Canadian Tenor Mark DuBois for the past 6 years, and continues to perform with the Mark DuBois studio singers at many charitable events.
For example in 2009 of 172 hospitals, 67 were state owned, 22 were run by regional or local governments, and 83 were privatively owned and run on either profit or not-for-profit lines.