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tr.v. pri·va·tized, pri·va·tiz·ing, pri·va·tiz·es
To change (an industry or business, for example) from governmental or public ownership or control to private enterprise: "Egypt has to some degree privatized agriculture, allowing farmers to sell directly to consumers instead of through the government" (Marq de Villiers).

pri′va·ti·za′tion (prī′və-tĭ-zā′shən) n.


[ˈpraɪvətaɪzɪŋ] Nprivatización f
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Perhaps, the government can consider privatizing not the physical assets but per kilowatt-hour [kWh] generation, similar to the strips of generation capacity like what was done in Leyte,' said Joseph Nocos, ACR vice president for business development.
He later told reporters that the DOF was currently undertaking a study of privatizing certain functions not only of the BOC but also of the BIR.
Privatizing our air traffic control systems would put the same airline companies who have added baggage fees, change fees and shrunk leg room in charge of the air traffic control system and, worse still, it could clear the runway to charge consumers even more.
Visalia City Council narrowly passed on considering privatizing the city's solid waste collection service.
Islamabad -- Mohammad Zubair, Minister of State for Privatization and Chairman Privatization Commission of Pakistan said that the government was making sincere efforts for privatizing loss making Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs).
He said the government has not clarified whether it was privatizing 26 percent shares or 51 percent shares of PIA.
While addressing protestors the union president Peer Gul Zahir Shah, General Secretary Rehmanuddin, Gul Nazar and Iftikhar Khan strongly criticized the decision of the government of privatizing the three feeders of district Bannu and said that with the privatization of the three feeders not only the employees would be affected but the consumers as well.
State officials this month will consider privatizing a state hospital.
The government has also flirted with the idea of shutting down RTP and instead privatizing RTP-1, the main public TV network, but, reportedly, only to achieve the reduced goal of privatizing the second public network.
Second, those involved in privatizing the lodging facilities experienced confusion about some aspects of the transfer of facilities and equipment to the developer because the Army did not develop a single, comprehensive transition plan that included information on all the tasks to be completed as part of the transfer process.
Responding to a question on his opinions about Democrat Party's statement that it would withdraw their support behind the government if KTHY was privatise Kucuk said, "We are not privatizing KTHY, we are only looking for partner for five years.
By privatizing what was designed to be a guaranteed benefit, the government is putting the financial security of African Americans and other minorities at risk at a time when they need it most.