privy councilor

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Priv·y Council

1. A council of the British sovereign that until the 1600s was the supreme legislative body, that now consists of cabinet ministers ex officio and others appointed for life, and that has no important function except through its Judicial Committee, which in certain cases acts as a supreme appellate court in the Commonwealth.
2. privy council An advisory council to an executive.

privy councilor n.
References in classic literature ?
We call upon the privy councilor Pyotr Petrovitch Bol," the voice began again.
Earlier today, HM King Hamad arrived in Thailand, and was welcomed upon arrival by the Privy Councilor to the Thai King, Atthaniti Disatha-amnarj, Thai Minister of Commerce, Apiradi Tantraporn, and Bahrain's Ambassador to Thailand, Adel Yussef Satir.
At a reception Mom Rajawongse Thepkamol Devakula, Privy Councilor and Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong, Minister for Transport, represented the Government of Thailand.