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authorized prize court. (147) The law of war did not, however, determine
They were recently discovered at the National Archives (Kew) among the thousands of volumes that make up the prize court papers of the High Court of Admiralty.
The prize court can extend the competition with an optional adjustment step with projects from the narrowest selection.On the basis of the submitted application documents, the prize court selects a maximum of 6 to 8 architectural offices to participate in the project competition, of which a maximum of two from junior offices
If vessels were found to be carrying items on either of the contraband lists, or items that Britain deemed could be transferred to Germany, they would be escorted to a British port and held over until a Prize Court could make a ruling on whether or not the cargo met the criteria of contraband.
The reach of the Sierra Leone prize court would therefore extend as
Egypt declared war on Israel on May 14, 1948.(59) On the same day, Egypt closed the Suez Canal to all Israeli ships, issued lists of contraband, and instituted a Prize Court in Alexandria.(60) Pursuant to this legislation, the Egyptian authorities exercised the well-established right(61) of visit, search, and seizure on all vessels flying the flag of third-party states that were en route to or coming from Israel, except Arab states.
Rudyard Kipling, as always, never ceases to surprise; there is the expected jingoism ('the Hun is at the gate'), and poems reflecting his own bereavement and loss of his son, but one sees also his eye for and sympathy for the neglected or forgotten, notably the poems about the submarine fleet ('Few prize courts sit upon their claims').
The Royal Navy intercepted blockade runners, only to see British Prize Courts refuse to "condemn" cargoes because ownership could not be proven, allowing the merchant vessels to resume passage even when carrying supplies the Kaisereich needed.
Jerusalem -- PNN -- A proposal drafted earlier this month by the Israeli Defense Ministry's legal advisor Ahaz Benari would allow the setting up of special naval courts, called prize courts, that could confiscate ships that attempt to break through Israel's naval blockade on Gaza.
The prize courts controversy but unless there is a serious change of tack, next year's entries could be seen as farcical representations of all that is absurdly complicated and conceptual in art.