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A match fought between professional boxers for money.

prize′fight′er n.
prize′fight′ing n.
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(Boxing) a boxing match for a prize or purse, esp one of the fights popular in the 18th and 19th centuries
ˈprizeˌfighter n
ˈprizeˌfighting n
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or prize′ fight`,

a professional boxing match.
prize′fight`er, n.
prize′fight`ing, n.
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Noun1.prizefight - a boxing match between professional boxers for a cash prizeprizefight - a boxing match between professional boxers for a cash prize
boxing match - a match between boxers; usually held in a boxing ring
Verb1.prizefight - box for a prize or money
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
box - engage in a boxing match
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'Beyond an impression that he is to sit upon my knee and be seconded at some point of the solemnities, like a principal at a prizefight, I assure you I have no notion what my duty is,' returns Mortimer.
It was the biggest clubhouse, and the biggest club, in all Chicago; and they had prizefights every now and then, and cockfights and even dogfights.
It would be a pesky presence in his mind as long as he is into the prizefight. There were successful father-son duos in the past the Mayweathers and Joe Frazier and son Marvis, to name two, but these are rare in the fight game overall scheme.
He's young and there's a whole world of prizefight possibilities awaiting him.
"No Money for the Kingbird: Hemingway's Prizefight Stories." The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway: Critical Essays.
Flores delicately structures these poems in order to create dystopian cityscapes critical of modernity ("The diver"), identify art in unexpected everyday spaces and movements ("Aerobic exercises"), or, appropriately, choreograph a prizefight's footwork (in the final, eponymous poem).
"We thought the first half was like a prizefight, both teams were testing each other out," he told SkySport.
A PRIZEFIGHT that the police were powerless to prevent took place at Aintree racecourse in 1875, resulting in the death of one of the men involved.
After throwing a prizefight, he says to his brother, "I coulda been a contenda.
"I'm taking it very seriously: it's not a prizefight. I'm coming in to win a belt, for learning experience."
FLOYD MAYWEATHER will help feed the homeless with the millions he earned from the richest prizefight in history.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1940, Scanlan enjoyed a long career in the broadcast television industry that was sparked as a five-year-old, when his fathertook him into a New York restaurant and was instantly transfixed by a prizefight on a 7" screen on a TV above the door.