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A match fought between professional boxers for money.

prize′fight′er n.
prize′fight′ing n.
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Noun1.prizefighter - a professional boxerprizefighter - a professional boxer      
boxer, pugilist - someone who fights with his fists for sport
featherweight - a professional boxer who weighs between 123 and 126 pounds
heavyweight - a professional boxer who weighs more than 190 pounds
cruiserweight, light heavyweight - a professional boxer who weighs between 169 and 175 pounds
lightweight - a professional boxer who weighs between 131 and 135 pounds
middleweight - a professional boxer who weighs between 155 and 160 pounds
welterweight - a professional boxer who weighs between 141 and 147 pounds
References in classic literature ?
He's a prizefighter, an' all the girls run after him.
She experienced a thrill of wickedness as she thought of what Sarah would say could she see her now, Only he wasn't a prizefighter, but a teamster.
A brougham was coming sedately down the street from Piccadilly; to my horror, it stopped behind me as I peered once more through the letter-box, and out tumbled the dishevelled prizefighter and two companions.
Sometimes, when in the newspapers I happen upon descriptions of our modern bruisers and prizefighters, I wonder what chance the best of them would have had against him.
HIGHLY-RATED Tom Doran will face Irishman Luke Keeler in a Prizefighter rematch when the Deeside star makes his ring return in Liverpool tomorrow night.
A washed-up human prizefighter finds an abandoned android and sets about restoring it to become a potential champion, a project that reunites him with his estranged 11-year-old son.
PRIZEFIGHTER contender Jason Cook had a giggle this week when it was revealed that a tagteam element would be added to the eight-man, one-night boxing tournament.
PRIZEFIGHTER returns with an intriguing and wide-open international heavyweight tournament from London's York Hall tonight along with the added bonus of Olympic heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua's third professional fight, writes Dan Williams.
Big Rogie will compete in Prizefighter The International Heavyweights III, having won the first ever Prizefighter in 2008, the Belfast fighter wants to become the first to win the coveted trophy for a second time.
SUNDERLAND'S Glenn Foot is Eddie Hearn's latest Prizefighter winner, pocketing PS32,000 for his sterling efforts.
THE ECHO has teamed up with iconic British fight brand Lonsdale to offer readers the chance to win one of four pairs of tickets for tomorrow night''s Prizefighter competition - promoted by Matchroom Sport.
THE Midlands' light-welterweight talent of Young Mutley (West Bromwich), Dean Harrison (Wolverhampton) and Mark Lloyd (Telford), are, I understand, in top shape for one of them to land the pounds 32,000 Prizefighter winner's cheque at Wolverhampton Civic Hall tonight.