pro re nata

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Adv.1.Pro re nata - according to need (physicians use PRN in writing prescriptions)pro re nata - according to need (physicians use PRN in writing prescriptions); "add water as needed"
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In a randomized study investigating the efficacy and safety of ranibizumab for the treatment of CNV due to uncommon causes in agroup of 178 patients, 18 (15.1%) had postinflammatory type CNV and a single loading dose followed by a pro re nata regimen seemed to succeed statistically both in anatomic and visual outcome.
Moreover, multiple management strategies have been employed for anti-VEGF therapy, such as monthly dosing, every other month dosing after 3 initial monthly loading phase [20], and monthly loading phase followed by pro re nata (PRN) retreatment on evidence of exudative disease activity [22], as well as treat and extend regimens [23].