pro-choice faction

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: faction - those who argue that the decision to have an induced abortion should be made by the mother
faction, sect - a dissenting clique
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As the Pro-choice faction screams accusations of backward thinking, religious fanaticism, and male domination; the Pro-life group counters with cries of baby killers, satan-worshippers, and inhumanity.
Synopsis: It was in the 2008 election season that the culture war between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice factions became so intense, that one organization is scheming to cause unintended pregnancies in the families of Pro-Life politicians, while another encourages its followers to bomb clinics and cut off the hands of doctors who perform abortions.
A point that has yet to be reconciled is one they raise while discussing the connections between welfare, rights-based discourse, and pro-choice factions. They effectively side-step these debates in the early chapters, but in the postwar period this is more difficult to do.