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also pro·fam·i·ly (prō-făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
Favoring or supporting traditional family life and structure, usually from a perspective of social conservatism.
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Senator Marco Rubios invitation, Ivanka Trump joined Republican members of the House and Senate on Capitol Hill today to discuss pro-family tax reform, particularly the Child Tax Credit.
If we're really going to be pro-family, then let's be pro-family and invest in families," he told U.
During his campaign, the younger Bush had reached out to Washington's pro-family leadership, organized as the Arlington Group, and convinced them that they finally had a real seat at the table.
Now that Stephen Harper has dispensed with his half-hearted obligation to Christians of putting a "think-about" same-sex "marriage" motion before parliament, he can get on with the rest of his pro-life, pro-family initiatives.
James Dobson's Focus on the Family, and other pro-family, pro-life groups are leading a nationwide effort to stop this assault on the First Amendment, which was put on the fast track for Senate action in January.
We spend a lot of time fighting over who constitutes a family--as associate editor Julie Polter writes in this issue, even Tony Soprano could be considered pro-family by some definitions--yet, what does it really mean?
The conservative newspaper also reported on a poll commissioned by the Family Research Council (FRC) that showed 63 percent of "values voters" believed that Congress "has not kept their promises to act on a pro-family agenda.
Chris MacKenzie, Pro-Family Politics and Fringe Parties in Canada (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press 2005)
He describes how it rose from ashes of the Social Credit Party's collapse in 1991, and struggled to promote pro-life and pro-family causes in virtual political obscurity for nearly a decade.
Similarly, Wiley Drake, a Southern Baptist pastor invited on Crossballs to condemn homosexuality, takes it in stride when Besser, playing a gay rights activist, discusses his "polyamorous relationship" with six other men, including his brother, and insists, "You can't be pro-family only so far, Wiley.
The new measures will cost the government an estimated S$300 million a year, bringing its total expenditure on pro-family measures to about S$800 million a year.