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also pro·fam·i·ly (prō-făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
Favoring or supporting traditional family life and structure, usually from a perspective of social conservatism.
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For more than a decade, Phillips officials have come under fire from pro-family activists for allowing the Circle K outlets to carry sleazy magazines of the Playboy and Penthouse genre.
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who chaired the House Pro-Family Caucus.
"As the pro-family community has become more sophisticated and successful, it has evolved from being a group of outsiders in the political process to a community that has a number of significant allies in important positions on Capitol Hill, in the administration and in the Republican Party," Reed told The National Journal.
In recent years, many conservative and pro-family groups in the U.S.
Tom Schuck is the lawyer defending pro-family activist Bill Whatcott, who is appealing his conviction for criticizing homosexual behaviour.
Dobson noted that he and more than 50 "pro-family leaders" had met in Washington, D.C., some seven times to lobby Congress on the issue.
"I come to this issue with a strong pro-life and pro-family record," boasted Hatch.
On the other hand, as Canada Family Action Coalition executive director Brian Rushfeldt vowed at the National Marriage Caucus in Ottawa, even if supporters of traditional marriage lose this vote in Parliament, it will only embolden pro-family Canadians to intensify their efforts to remove from office anti-family MPs so as to ensure a pro-family Parliament overturns the legislation later in time.
"Come be equipped and inspired," said the announcement, "by two outstanding pro-life, pro-family Christian leaders to make a difference in 2004, beginning in your neighborhood!"
Immediately drawing fire from conservative and pro-family activists, Powell's statement came during a February 14th teleconference hosted by the music television network, MTV.
"I hope that concern over ISNA doesn't lead to division in the pro-family movement at the very time we need unity to fight for this amendment," said Weyrich.
Although there is great value in educating delegates alone, the pro-life and pro-family NGOs have had considerable success influencing international policy.