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Noun1.proaccelerin - a coagulation factorproaccelerin - a coagulation factor      
clotting factor, coagulation factor - any of the factors in the blood whose actions are essential for blood coagulation
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[3] Active substances such as serotonin, catecholamines, von Willebrand factor, proaccelerin, osteonectin, and antimicrobial proteins released, all of which stimulate cell migration and proliferation within the fibrin matrix, launching the first stages of healing.
Powell, "Immunologic differentiation of classic hemophilia (factor VIII deficiency) and von Willebrand's disease, with observations on combined deficiencies of antihemophilic factor and proaccelerin (factor V) and on an acquired circulating anticoagulant against antihemophilic factor," The Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol.
After enrichment for rare F5 [coagulation factor V (proaccelerin, labile factor)] homozygotes, [6] F2 [coagulation factor II (thrombin)] heterozygotes, and F2 homozygotes, DNA was extracted (Gentra Puregene Blood Kit, Qiagen) and diluted to 200 ng/[micro]L with 10mmol/LTris, pH 8.0, 0.1 mmol/L EDTA with A260 (Nanodrop 1000, Thermo Scientific).