probability distribution

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probability distribution

n. Statistics
A function giving the theoretical probability of observing a random variable to have a particular value when the variable is discrete or to fall within a certain range when the variable is continuous.
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probabil′ity distribu`tion

a distribution of all possible values of a random variable together with an indication of their probabilities.
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Distribution Fitter App was used to fit different probability distributions onto each of the variable datasets and output the log-likelihood value which was used as a measure of how well the probability distribution fit the data.
Based on the probability distribution of the forecasts provided by 20 out of 24 respondents, there was a 16.6-percent probability that average inflation for 2018 would settle between the two and four percent range, while there was an 82.8-percent chance that inflation would rise beyond four percent.
A probability distribution refers to the way in which the total probability of 1 (or 100%) is distributed over various possible outcomes.
Now, we introduce the generalized discrete probability distribution whose probability mass function is
Probability Distribution Characteristics of the Rock Material
Heitsch and Romisch [15] proposed a kind of fast forward and backward reduction to reduce the computational complexity, applying the discretization of possibility distribution instead of the initial continuous probability distribution. A scenario optimal reduction technique, introduced by Dupacova et al [14], applied the Foret-Mourier distance and duality theory to compute the distance between two probability measures.
As can be seen in Figure 4, the probability distributions of normal force chains P(f) have no significant differences at four loading times and the maximum probability distribution (P(f) = 0.2495) at 0.5 x [10.sup.-3] s is greater than the other three loading times.
They use a nonlinear approach to establish the joint probability distribution of two or more related variables and are able to model the dependence structure between random variables independent of their marginal distributions.
In Section 3, we make use of the calculation formula of the space probability distribution to illustrate the visualizations of various cases for different choices of the parameters by overcoming the calculation skills in MATLAB program.
It is found that degree of fitting between the cumulative probability distribution curve of the displacement efficiency and the hyperbolic tangent function is better [7].
3.2 Joint Probability Distribution of a Multimode Conjugated Light Source

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