probability theory

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probability theory

The branch of mathematics that studies the likelihood of occurrence of random events in order to predict the behavior of defined systems.

probabil′ity the`ory

the theory of analyzing and making mathematical statements concerning the probability of the occurrence of uncertain events.
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Noun1.probability theory - the branch of applied mathematics that deals with probabilities
applied math, applied mathematics - the branches of mathematics that are involved in the study of the physical or biological or sociological world
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
binomial theorem - a theorem giving the expansion of a binomial raised to a given power
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Rudolf Taschner surveys the history of games and different approaches, from the evolution of probability theory to word plays and the current model of applying game theory to military strategy and global finance.
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the most classical models in probability theory, Aufflinger, Damron, and Hanson describe the main results of first-passage percolation, paying special attention to the recent burst of developments.
In particular, the Systems Science program seeks intellectual advances in which underlying theories (such as probability theory, decision theory, game theory, organizational sociology, behavioral economics or cognitive psychology) are integrated and abstracted to develop explanatory models for design and systems engineering in a general, domain-independent fashion.
As cyberthreat analysts, experts rely on the company's machine learning and Bayesian probability theory to protect customers from cyberthreats.
It begins with a brief review of probability theory, which provides an understanding of the core building block of entropy.
Following his graduation in 1946, Ionescu Tulcea has been appointed on a position of Assistant at the Chair of Probability Theory and remained with the University of Bucharest for the next 11 years.
Before the formula, investment decisions were not much different than betting: this details much of the work leading to the equation's discovery, from early science and business pursuits of accountants, chemists and mathematicians working across Europe to thinkers who developed a theory of financial markets and applied probability theory to their operations.
Lin's text is not intended to provide a complete background in probability theory and stochastic processes.
This approach, although is analogous to probability theory, can be carried out under weaker assumption and used when limited observational information is available.
They cover the representation of signals and systems, amplitude modulation, angle modulation, probability theory and random processes, noise in continuous wave modulation systems, the transition from analog to digital, baseband digital transmission, digital band-pass transmission techniques, and information theory and coding.
Probability theory is spontaneous and you can't really brush it up.
BIG surprise for Mike nWright (Letters, August 31) - I am qualified in statistics, which includes probability theory.

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