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A long, slender, flexible rod having a tuft or sponge at the end, used to remove foreign bodies from or apply medication to the larynx or esophagus.

[Alteration (probably influenced by probe) of earlier provang, perhaps from alteration of obsolete provet, surgical probe, from French éprouvette, from éprouver, to test, try out, from Old French esprover : es-, out (from Latin ex-, ex-) + prover, to prove; see prove.]
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(Surgery) surgery a long flexible rod, often with a small sponge at one end, for inserting into the oesophagus, as to apply medication
[C17: variant, apparently by association with probe, of provang, name coined by W. Rumsey (1584–1660), Welsh judge, its inventor; of unknown origin]
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Besides the clinical signs and external palpation, additional diagnostic tools may help to determine the location of obstruction; these include manual oral examination, probangs or stomach tubes, esophageal endoscopy, esophageal ultrasono-graphy and radiography of cervical and thoracic esophagus.
Attempt to pass a probang in oesophagus caudal to mid cervical region was unsuccessful.
The additional diagnostic tools that may help to determine the location of obstruction, include oral explorations, passing probangs or stomach tubes, esophageal endoscopy and radiography of esophagus (Marzok et al., 2015).