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1. A process or period in which a person's fitness, as for work or membership in a social group, is tested.
2. Law
a. A criminal sentence consisting of a term of imprisonment that is suspended provided certain terms and conditions are met.
b. The status of serving such a criminal sentence.
3. Release of a person from commitment for insanity, subject to reversal in the event of a relapse into insanity.
4. A trial period in which a student is given time to try to redeem failing grades or bad conduct.

[Middle English probacion, a testing, from Old French probation, from Latin probātiō, probātiōn-, from probātus, past participle of probāre, to test; see prove.]

pro·ba′tion·al adj.
pro·ba′tion·al·ly adv.
pro·ba′tion·ar′y adj.
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adjProbe-; probational periodProbezeit f
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Moreover, amendments in Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Rules 1927 have been proposed and submitted to Law Department for vetting.
And the reason for the court's grant of probational liberty is anchored on the fact that evidence of guilt is not strong,' he added.
The most prominent initiatives are in the field of services and financial markets and launching "Aber" project for the issuance of the electronic currency on a probational basis and its exclusive use by a limited number of banks in the two countries.
We will have to either make new provinces for socio economic development or will have to make probational finance unit.