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a. A slender, flexible surgical instrument used to explore a wound or body cavity.
b. An electrode or other device that can be placed inside something to take and convey measurements.
c. A substance, such as DNA, that is radioactively labeled or otherwise marked and used to detect or identify another substance in a sample.
d. A space probe.
a. An exploratory action or expedition, especially one designed to investigate and obtain information on a remote or unknown region: the scouts' probe of enemy territory.
b. The act of exploring or searching with a device or instrument: the surgeon's probe of the clogged artery.
c. An investigation into unfamiliar matters or questionable activities; a penetrating inquiry: a congressional probe into price fixing; a reporter's probe into a public figure's past. See Synonyms at inquiry.
v. probed, prob·ing, probes
a. To penetrate or explore physically, especially with a probe, in order to find or discover something: "Chimpanzees use a variety of tools to probe termite mounds" (Virginia Morell).
b. To investigate by means of a chemical probe.
a. To make an inquiry about (something); investigate or examine: probed the impact of technology on social behavior.
b. To subject (a person) to questioning; interrogate.
1. To make a physical search, especially by penetrating with a probe: birds probing in the sand for clams.
2. To pose questions or conduct an investigation: The police are probing into what really happened.

[Middle English, examination, from Medieval Latin proba, from Late Latin, proof, from Latin probāre, to test, from probus, good; see per in Indo-European roots.]

prob′er n.
prob′ing·ly adv.
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Invitation to tender : Semi-automatic 200mm wafer prober designed for on-power semiconductor device meas-urements and device characterization up-to high-voltage and high-current levels.
For Roz Prober, co-founder of the anti-child pornography and anti-trafficking organization Beyond Borders, the answer is definitely no.
According to SUSS, the PAP200 is "the only prober available capable of performing tests in a controlled environment from vacuum up to 5 MPa.
Charles Prober said at a meeting on clinical pediatrics sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco.
The prober wants to know what the medical director wants to hear.
The vision probe system is based on a semiautomatic prober system, shown in Figure 1, that has a proven stability and reliability record.
At Yale University ring experiments with indium and silver have been done by Daniel Prober and collaborators.
TEL) (TOKYO:8035) today announced the release of Precio octo[TM], the company's new fully automatic 200mm wafer prober.
The Fraunhofer IMS needs a new or redesigned, semi or fully automatic wafer prober system for (automatic) parameter measurements at the wafer level and characterization of CMOS devices.
The SCANTURY(R) Prober, a multifunction test and diagnosis system for boundary scan boards, combines an automatically positioned probe with new boundary scan ATPG tools and AOI functions.
SUSS MicroTec, Munich, Germany, has devised a semi-automatic probing system, the PAV 150 Vacuum Prober.
Designed to address the increasing demand for probing of ultra thin and diced wafers, the system can also be used as a standard wafer prober.