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Noun1.problem solving - the area of cognitive psychology that studies the processes involved in solving problemsproblem solving - the area of cognitive psychology that studies the processes involved in solving problems
cognitive psychology - an approach to psychology that emphasizes internal mental processes
2.problem solving - the thought processes involved in solving a problem
cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought process, thought - the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; "thinking always made him frown"; "she paused for thought"
convergent thinking - thinking that brings together information focussed on solving a problem (especially solving problems that have a single correct solution)
inspiration - a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem
inquiry, research, enquiry - a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
figuring, reckoning, calculation, computation - problem solving that involves numbers or quantities
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Students of 52 out of 72 countries which took part in PISA 2015 were evaluated on collaborative problem solving.
Germain-Williams writes for caring and concerned adults who would like to help a child develop problem solving thinking and become adept at the use of problem solving strategies.
Synopsis: Problem solving begins with some critically important questions such as: Where do you start?
The experimental approach was used and the sample of the study was trained for two weeks for five hours a day to check the efficiency of the programs in developing problem solving skills and creative writing.
Furthermore, they perceived that problem solving method does not properly fit with a curriculum that over-relies on the text book and an assessment system overloaded with formal examinations which reward recall skills.
The study's goal was to examine the mathematical practices and problem solving by pre-service secondary mathematics teachers within secondary core content areas.
The first thought that comes to my mind is problem solving in mathematics.
Problem Solving in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: A Skills-Based, Collaborative Approach
Creative Problem Solving: Students' Skills in Tackling Real Life Problems" is the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) first assessment of problem solving skills and first attempt to measure the creative skills that today's economy demands from its workers.
Creative Problem Solving for Managers: Developing Skills for Decision Making and Innovation, 4th Edition
There was no significant difference in applying problem solving across U.

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