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adj. also prob·lem·at·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Posing a problem; difficult to solve: a repair that proved more problematic than first expected.
2. Open to doubt; debatable: "if you ever get married, which seems to me extremely problematic" (Oscar Wilde).
3. Not settled; unresolved or dubious: a problematic future.
Something that poses a problem or difficulty: "[a book that] poses the problematics of memory in another light altogether" (Daphne Merkin).

prob′lem·at′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌprɒbləˈmætɪk) or


1. having the nature or appearance of a problem; questionable
2. (Logic) logic obsolete (of a proposition) asserting that a property may or may not hold. Compare apodeictic2, assertoric
ˌproblemˈatically adv
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(ˌprɒb ləˈmæt ɪk)

also prob`lem•at′i•cal,

of the nature of a problem; doubtful; uncertain; questionable.
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Adj.1.problematic - open to doubt or debate; "If you ever get married, which seems to be extremely problematic"
questionable - subject to question; "questionable motives"; "a questionable reputation"; "a fire of questionable origin"
2.problematic - making great mental demandsproblematic - making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe; "a baffling problem"; "I faced the knotty problem of what to have for breakfast"; "a problematic situation at home"
difficult, hard - not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure; "a difficult task"; "nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access"; "difficult times"; "why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?"
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adjective tricky, puzzling, uncertain, doubtful, dubious, unsettled, questionable, enigmatic, debatable, moot, problematical, chancy (informal), open to doubt the problematic business of running an economy
clear, certain, settled, definite, indisputable, unquestionable, beyond question, undebatable
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مُشْكِل، مُنْطَوٍ على المشاكِل


[ˌprɒblɪˈmætɪk] ADJproblemático
it is problematic whetheres dudoso si ...
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[ˌprɒbləˈmætɪk] adjproblématique
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[ˌprɒblɪˈmætɪk] problematical [ˌprɒblɪˈmætɪkl] adjproblematico/a, dubbio/a
it is problematic whether ... → è in dubbio se...
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(ˈprobləm) noun
1. a difficulty; a matter about which it is difficult to decide what to do. Life is full of problems; (also adjective) a problem child.
2. a question to be answered or solved. mathematical problems.
ˌprobleˈmatic(al) (-ˈmӕ-) adjective
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a. problemático-a; dificultoso-a.
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A dull mind, once arriving at an inference that flatters a desire, is rarely able to retain the impression that the notion from which the inference started was purely problematic. And Dunstan's mind was as dull as the mind of a possible felon usually is.
Conservatives cherished it for being small and inconvenient, and thus keeping out the "new people" whom New York was beginning to dread and yet be drawn to; and the sentimental clung to it for its historic associations, and the musical for its excellent acoustics, always so problematic a quality in halls built for the hearing of music.
To explain the problematic existence of the chevalier, the historian, whom Truth, that cruel wanton, grasps by the throat, is compelled to say that after the "glorious" sad days of July, Alencon discovered that the chevalier's nightly winnings amounted to about one hundred and fifty francs every three months; and that the clever old nobleman had had the pluck to send to himself his annuity in order not to appear in the eyes of a community, which loves the main chance, to be entirely without resources.
It was probably owing to the conversation she had had with her husband on their way from church concerning this problematic stranger that Mrs.
I am frank to admit that for myself I was much more concerned with our own immediate future than with any problematic loss which the world might be about to suffer.
But the younger men who were relatives or connections of the family, were disposed to admire her in this problematic light, as a girl who showed much conduct, and who among all the chances that were flying might turn out to be at least a moderate prize.
Bertha, the slim, fair-haired girl, whose present thoughts and emotions were an enigma to me amidst the fatiguing obviousness of the other minds around me, was as absorbing to me as a single unknown to-day--as a single hypothetic proposition to remain problematic till sunset; and all the cramped, hemmed-in belief and disbelief, trust and distrust, of my nature, welled out in this one narrow channel.
Looking back at the occasion when we first got on speaking terms on the road by the quarry, I had to admit that she presented some points of a problematic appearance.
Stelling was a man who meant to rise in his profession, and to rise by merit, clearly, since he had no interest beyond what might be promised by a problematic relationship to a great lawyer who had not yet become Lord Chancellor.
The study, which surveyed more than 3,400 students in the United States, also found that alcohol misuse was markedly higher in those with problematic smartphone use, compared to others.
Valiant Bank is the fourth bank ordered closed by the BSP as it continues to weed the industry of weak and problematic players.
Also, while it is a positive achievement to get more problematic drug users into contact with support services, unless both support services and users can envisage an eventual end point to drug dependency and work seriously towards this, then rising drug deaths will continue.