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v. t.1.To propose problems.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Complementing other studies on how the scholars counseled the kings, she emphasizes how the scribes deconstructed and problematized the reigns of particular Assyrian kings, and how those evaluations both reflected and affected royal practice during the same period.
The first three chapters examine technological and economic contexts of digital culture, while the next three chapters examine sociological questions of inequality, politics, and privacy, and how these are problematized in the information age.
Tupper highlights how the language used to talk about psychoactive substances is invested with powerful social meanings that shape the ways in which "drugs" are perceived, categorized, and problematized.
Some Western elites, he contends, have "problematized patriotism," and consider themselves as citizens of the world rather than citizens of their country.
Surveillance scholars from A to Z have problematized this claim, including Lyon in his concept of "social sorting." Conscious of Lyon's and others contributions to this field, the rich empirical and theoretical interventions that comprise this collection rise to the editors' challenge, and through a wide range of cases critically engage the normalization of various forms of surveillance, and the power and politics therein.
Rather, there are many complications in this venture that need to be problematized in order to make it useful for anti-homophobia education (SM).
Currently, personal growth of the individual in educational domains is so important that teacher candidates are asked to develop their reflective skills in many courses so that they grow by having internalized and problematized the issues under study by gauging them themselves.
In this overview, it becomes apparent that the question of gender, a central concern in Lucas's oeuvre, has been more radically problematized by other artists, notably Adrian Piper in her "Mythic Being" series (1972-75).
The reflective framework I propose in this paper identifies three patterns of reflection based on a problematized and social notion of teaching.
This book has one key central argument: that while Spanish American cultural discourse has been characterized by an apparent questioning or rejection of 'modernity', its positioning is sometimes undone or problematized by its textual practice.
The focus of chapter 3, on Hamlet, is The Murder of Gonzago, an incomplete and thus problematized imitation of the dumb show introducing it, which is itself an imitation of an old play in the actors' repertory as well as of recent events at Elsinore.
It simultaneously celebrated and problematized cultural difference and foreshadowed both latter twentieth century multiculturalism as well as neo-conservative thought.
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