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The primary meristem that gives rise to vascular tissue.

pro·cam′bi·al (-əl) adj.
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n, pl -bia (-bɪə)
(Botany) undifferentiated plant tissue, just behind the growing tip in stems and roots, that develops into conducting tissues
[C19: from pro-2 + cambium]
proˈcambial adj
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(proʊˈkæm bi əm)

the meristem from which vascular bundles are developed.
[1870–75; < New Latin]
pro•cam′bi•al, adj.
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Cross section of a torpedo-shaped somatic embryo showing its initial procambium (*).
3b-c), resulting in bands arched toward the procambium and extending the pith (medulla).
brasiliensis callus have been established in vitro from explants obtained from seed segments containing the procambium region (Santos-Filho et al., 2014a).
This finding implies that TDIF functions as a phloem-derived non-cell-autonomous signal that controls stem cell fate in the procambium (Fig.
In the cortical fundamental meristem, a pro-endodermis is distinguishable, and pericycle and procambium cylinder are also evident in the primary root apex (Figure 2B).
El cambium propiamente dicho tiene doble origen, deriva en parte del procambium y en parte por desdiferenciacion del parenquima de los radios medulares en el tallo (cambium interfascicular) y del periciclo en la raiz (pericambium).