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The primary meristem that gives rise to vascular tissue.

pro·cam′bi·al (-əl) adj.


n, pl -bia (-bɪə)
(Botany) undifferentiated plant tissue, just behind the growing tip in stems and roots, that develops into conducting tissues
[C19: from pro-2 + cambium]
proˈcambial adj


(proʊˈkæm bi əm)

the meristem from which vascular bundles are developed.
[1870–75; < New Latin]
pro•cam′bi•al, adj.
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The protoderm, the fundamental meristem, and the procambium can be identified throughout the embryonic structure by the shapes of their cells, sizes, and positions.
This finding implies that TDIF functions as a phloem-derived non-cell-autonomous signal that controls stem cell fate in the procambium (Fig.
In the cortical fundamental meristem, a pro-endodermis is distinguishable, and pericycle and procambium cylinder are also evident in the primary root apex (Figure 2B).
According to Diggle and DeMason (1983b), the transition of primary meristem into secondary meristem in the monocotyledonous species is analogous to the transition of procambium to vascular cambium in the woody dicotyledonous stem.
El cambium propiamente dicho tiene doble origen, deriva en parte del procambium y en parte por desdiferenciacion del parenquima de los radios medulares en el tallo (cambium interfascicular) y del periciclo en la raiz (pericambium).
The scutellum consists of cells that are richly cytoplasmic and irregularly shaped and contains tracheids in procambium that is bordered by typical epithelial cells; this was previously observed in sugarcane by Guiderdoni and Demarly (1988).