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Noun1.process cheese - made by blending several lots of cheeseprocess cheese - made by blending several lots of cheese
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
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The new approach involves turning a functional base cheese into a low-fat process cheese that can be used on pizza.
Survival of bacterial pathogens in pasteurized process cheese slices stored at 30[degrees]C.
The individually wrapped Light Creamy, Original Creamy Swiss, and Light Gourmet Cheese Bites are portable process cheese. But their rich taste and tangy bite are a far cry from American cheese.
The products cited by FDA include Kraft Singles American, Swiss and Cheddar Pasteurized Process Cheese Food, and Kraft Velveeta Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread.
Food manufacturers and processors have a new white performance process cheese option: Land O'Lakes Hi-Melt Pasteurized Process American Cheese, available in 45-lb.
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin (Food Research Institute, 1925 Willow Dr., Madison, WI 53706) have attempted to determine whether the safety of process cheese is affected by the type of natural cheese from which it is derived.
Chapter titles for Volume Two are: Cultures and Starters; Buttermilk, Sour Cream and Ripened Butter; Yogurt; Cottage; Bakers', Neufchatel, Cream, Quark and Ymer; Latin American Cheeses; Soft Italian Cheese Mozzarella and Ricotta; Hard Italian Cheeses; Cheddar Cheese and Related Types; Cheese With Eyes; Control of Spoilage Bacteria in Cheese Milk; Bacterial Surface Ripened Cheese; Mold Ripened Cheese; Goat, Sheep, and Buffalo Milk Cheese; Whey Cheese; Process Cheese and Related Products; Low Fat and Specialty Cheeses; Imitation Cheese; Ultrafiltration in Cheese Making; Farm and Home-Making of Cheese and Yoghurt; Analysis; Sensory Evaluation; General Plant Safety and Quality Assurance; Rodent, Pest and Mold Control; followed by a subject index.
Ventilex's new grated cheese dryers can process cheese at a rate of 4,500 pounds per hour.
Oh sure, you always could buy lower-fat cheddar-or Swiss-flavored pasteurized process cheese products.

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