process server

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proc′ess serv`er

a person who serves subpoenas or other legal documents, esp. those requiring appearance in court.
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By This Rfp, Dhs Is Seeking A Process Server To Replace One Of The Two Process Servers Whose Services Were Used In 2014.
Process servers who attend will learn the latest in process serving from industry leaders, association presidents, and technology and marketing experts.
Run with an experienced long-term staff of 12 process servers and in-office staff who will stay on with a new owner.
com)-- Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers is pleased to announce that it is preparing to offer additional services.
Process servers first meet with the client to discuss a single job or a series of deliveries and the date by which the documents must be served.
It contains outstanding peripheral information involving field tips for process servers with the greatest value to the reader being the manner in which the author illustrates a way of thinking "outside the box" that lends itself to the completion of the investigative mission.
Violence against process servers is so common that the state has adopted laws toughening the penalties for battery against them.
When we get a lot of elevator violations with corporate addresses, rather than having city process servers serve the ECB violations at $16 each," he said, "where our inspectors cannot serve them to a responsible party, we serve them on the Secretary of State as agent for the responsible corporation.
ProVest LLC, a national process server management company dedicated to improving the default servicing industry, announced the formation of the Ohio Professional Process Servers Association (Oppsa) by Paula Ashcraft, vice president of ProVest.
ServeManager, a complete management software solution for process servers, meets the records keeping, GPS, and third party software requirements in the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs' Electronic Device Rule.
Bing Business Portal and Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers have partnered up to help bring you the best possible Oklahoma process servers, private investigators, expert witnesses and notary public services.
ProVest also partnered with LoyalDog Software and Process Server's Toolbox (PST) software to provide interfaces that dramatically reduce reporting time for other process servers.