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(ˈprəʊsɛsəbəl) or


able to be processed
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Depending on application profile and applications, the company is said to combine appropriate elastomers with thermoplastics to achieve the right thermoplastically processable material solutions.
University of Surrey researchers are claiming that solar cells made of their tin-based perovskite, a material that is "more efficient at absorbing light than silicon and can be fabricated using solution processable inks, could "clear the runway" for solar energy to take off in the UK and help it meet its goal of being carbon-neutral by 2050.
It does not require the addition of adhesives or catalysts, and is robust in terms of the types of thermoplastics that can be used: even commingled or contaminated plastic scrap containing cardboard, aluminum foil, minerals, or wood is processable.
The development of the Jeesperse ICE-T technology was the solution to this challenge and with these ingredients, Jeen was able to provide both polymeric dispersions and emulsifier-based wax dispersions in cold water processable systems.
Chen et al developed a processable crosslinked polyethylene consisting of 100 parts by weight of polyethylene, 0.03 to 5 parts of crosslinking agent, 0.03 to 5 parts crosslinking promoter and 0.01 to 1.5 parts free radical inhibitor.
It is melt processable, therefore FRX says it is excellent as an additive for PET fibre, film or foam applications and clear, thin PC applications like thin-wall (>1.5mm) moulding applications.
Unfortunately, for many of these low-cost materials, the lack of a reliable, robust and processable adhesive limits their widespread implementation.
"In other words, the information has got to be processable by the consumer.
The IRS will reject an offer immediately if it is not processable. The IRS considers offers to be processable when received unless one or more of the following problems exist:
"The low level of fruit and vegetable processing is due to non-availability of processable varieties of raw materials at right quantity and quality, seasonable nature of industry, lack of adequate post-harvest infrastructure
According to the company, T-Series polymers are among the highest-performing melt processable thermoplastics for use in applications requiring physical property retention and wear resistance at elevated temperatures.

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