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Of, relating to, or suitable for a procession.
1. A book containing the rituals observed during a religious procession.
2. Music
a. A piece played or sung when the clergy enter a church at the beginning of a service.
b. Music intended to be played or sung during a procession.

pro·ces′sion·al·ly adv.
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of, relating to, or suitable for a procession
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity
a. a book containing the prayers, hymns, litanies, and liturgy prescribed for processions
b. a hymn, litany, etc, used in a procession
proˈcessionally adv
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(prəˈsɛʃ ə nl)

1. of or pertaining to a procession.
2. of the nature of a procession.
3. used in processions.
4. sung or played during a procession, as a hymn.
5. a piece of music, as a hymn or slow march, suitable for accompanying a procession.
6. a book containing hymns, litanies, etc., for use in religious processions.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin]
pro•ces′sion•al•ly, adv.
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Noun1.processional - religious music used in a processionprocessional - religious music used in a procession
church music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies
Adj.1.processional - intended for use in a procession; "processional music"; "processional cross"
2.processional - of or relating to or characteristic of a procession; "in good processional order"
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[prəˈseʃənl] ADJprocesional
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n (= hymn)Prozessionshymne f, → Prozessionslied nt; (= book)Prozessionsbuch nt
adjProzessions-; pacegemessen
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Their first exhibition of themselves was in a processional march of two and two round the parish.
Her entourage made a maiden stop in the Nairobi CBD, before snaking through key areas, including Uhuru Park, Processional Way and the national archives, where she met city residents.
After the Senior Processional, The Star Spangled Banner was sung by Mrs.
Luz Acosta Barrientos, President-Elect also joined the processional of the officers during the Opening Ceremony.
Al Faisal began the race on the storied circuit in Montmelo on Sunday on a cautious note and despite losing one position on the opening lap, he bounced back strongly to regain his place and then moved up to seventh in what developed into a processional race from then on.
'Let it not be said that the age-old Traslacion has again turned into a 'trash-lacion' sullying every nook and corner of the processional route with garbage,' Daniel Alejandre, zero waste campaigner, said.
class="MsoNormalThe narrow processional way at Uhutu Park made things difficult as journalists literary battled to snatch away the athletes from rude officials to get interviews.
Thurman Berry served as a Curriculum Specialist and Training and Processional Development Specialist at the Mississippi Community College Board.
The 26-year-old Bury racer, whose success was all but guaranteed as he headed into yesterday's largely processional final stage to Madrid with a one-minute-and-46 seconds lead, avoided any late mishaps to land his first Grand Tour title.
The 26-year-old Bury racer, whose success was all but guaranteed as headed into yesterday's largely processional final stage into Madrid with a one minute and 46 seconds lead, avoided any late mishaps to land his first Grand Tour title.
Yates will join Chris Froome (Giro d'Italia) and Geraint Thomas (Tour de France) in winning the sport's biggest races in 2018 with today's processional final stage into Madrid.