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A clitic that is attached to the beginning of another word.
Of or relating to a proclitic or proclisis; forming an accentual unit with the following word.

[New Latin procliticus : pro- + Late Latin (en)cliticus, enclitic; see enclitic.]

pro·clit′i·ci·za′tion (-ə-sĭ-zā′shən), pro·clis′is (-klĭs′ĭs) n.
pro·clit′i·cize′ (-ə-sīz′) v.
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(Grammar) the pronunciation of a word as a proclitic
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With respect to the host, in OI there was greater enclisis with finite verb forms (due in part to the Tobler-Mussafia law) and proclisis was allowed with aflirmative informai imperatives.