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v. pro·cre·at·ed, pro·cre·at·ing, pro·cre·ates
To produce offspring; reproduce.
To produce (offspring); reproduce.

[Latin prōcreāre, prōcreāt- : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + creāre, to create; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]

pro′cre·ant (-ənt) adj.
pro′cre·a′tion n.
pro′cre·a′tor n.
References in classic literature ?
Verily, not as creators, as procreators, or as jubilators do ye love the earth!
Evdokiias visual portrayal as a devout and saintly royal woman stands in sharp contrast to illustrations of her elsewhere in the LLS outside of the Skazanie vmale, which focus on the grand princess's wedding, her role as procreator in the royal family, her travels as a royal spouse and mother, and her role as mourner of the death of a family member.
Quote: "The man must be confident in the manly roles of procreator, protector and provider.
Corbett in fact notes how often Hallam figures as a procreator in the poem or mediates couplings as a shadowy third party, as in the imagined conception of a child on the wedding night in the Epilogue, the sections characterizing Hallam as "More than my brothers are to me" (Section 9, line 20; 79, line 1), or Tennyson's anxiety as to the propriety or possibility of a second friendship (Section 85).
15:20-21) and bearer of life (finder of water in the wilderness), is ambiguously both the spider--as a female, inherently suspect, inherently dangerous, inherently a seductress to the males interpreting God's word across history; and as a procreator of Jews, suspect as poisoners of wells and devourers of Christian children--and the fly, caught in the web of those hostile interpretations.
Coyote stories are about transgressions and transformations, about the wanderer, bricoleur, thief, spoiler, clown, procreator (Bright, 1993).
In patriarchal Western culture, therefore, the text's author is a father, a progenitor, a procreator, and an aesthetic patriarch whose pen is an instrument of generative power like his penis.
Predictably, uncontrollable anger surges up in Zits, and he wants to kill his procreator.
On the other hand, the German 'Fraulein' films express feminine sexual assertiveness, which not only allows them a certain amount of freedom, it also posed a threat to traditional models of masculinity and their status as protector, provider and procreator.
Tasneem (2002) has reified it saying that it is an honour for a woman to be selected by God as procreator of ashraf-ul-makhlooqat ("the best of all creatures," i.
Man the procreator is no longer a privileged title.
In invoking Aya bi Yoomo, one implores the spirit of Naa Yoomo, mother nature/earth, the procreator of all animate and inanimate things on earth and the fount of all wisdom to decide who the real victor is of what appears to be an even game.