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also proc·to·dae·um  (prŏk′tə-dē′əm)
n. pl. proc·to·de·a (-dē′ə) or proc·to·de·ums also proc·to·dae·a (-dē′ə) or proc·to·dae·ums
An inward fold on the surface of the embryonic ectoderm that develops into part of the anal passage.

[New Latin prōctodeum : Greek prōktos, anus + New Latin -odeum (probably from Greek hodaion, neuter of hodaios, on the way, from hodos, way).]
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(ˌprɒktəʊˈdiːəm) or


n, pl -dea (-dɪə)
(Anatomy) the ectodermal, posterior part of the alimentary canal
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