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1.The office or act of a proctor or procurator; management for another.
2.Authority to act for another; a proxy.
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The procuracies reported initiating the prosecution of 245 defendants for trafficking offenses (295 in 2016) and the court system secured 244 convictions (275 in 2016); sentences ranged from less than three years to 30 years imprisonment.
The formal judicial system consists of two separate but interrelated elements: the courts (jaepanso) and the procuracies (geomchalso).
In Jiangsu, since 2005, the provincial and municipal People's Procuracies (Procuratorates), under the supervision of a criminology professor of Nanjing University, have pioneered restorative practices as an alternative to prosecutions for juvenile offenders (Di and Cha, 2007).
The legitimizing myth that the procurator would act in defense of the rights of citizens--a duty that socialist procuracies never took seriously--also had disappeared as the procuracy's power waned.