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Noun1.procyclidine - drug (trade name Kemadrin) used to reduce tremors in Parkinsonism
muscle relaxant - a drug that reduces muscle contractility by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses or by decreasing the excitability of the motor end plate or by other actions
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Orphenadrine (Norflex, Flexon), procyclidine (Kemadrin), and trihexyphenidyl (Artane, Trihexane).
Parkinson's Medication: Benztropine, Procyclidine, Trihexyphenidyl, Amantadine
Maintained on a stable dose of gabapentin Behere et al Maintained on sertraline, 150 mg/d, (35) (2009) procyclidine, 5 mg/d, and propranolol, 20 mg/d Spyridi et al Hospitalized for management of anorexia (39) (2009) nervosa.
* ACB-3: Strong anticholinergic effects, eg many atypical antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline, atropine, drugs treating overactive bladder (oxybutynin, solifenacin, tolterodine), and anti-Parkinson's drugs such as procyclidine.
A dementia risk was also linked with medications to treat Parkinson's disease, including procyclidine, but this was less certain.
Concomitant antiparkinsonian therapies started on-study in [greater than or equal to] 2 patients were levodopa or derivatives in 85 patients (carbidopa/levodopa 33/121 pramipexole, 27.3%; 52/125 ropinirole, 41.6%; carbidopa/entacapone/levodopa 2/121 pramipexole, 1.7%; 5/125 ropinirole, 4.0%), monoamine oxidase inhibitors in 34 patients (12/121 pramipexole, 9.9%; 22/125 ropinirole, 17.6%), amantadine in 31 patients (13/121 pramipexole, 10.7%; 18/125 ropinirole, 14.4%), tertiary amines (trihexyphenidyl HCl, procyclidine HCl, or trihexyphenidyl) in 10 patients (2/121 pramipexole, 1.7%; 8/125 ropinirole, 6.4%), and rotigotine in 2 pramipexole patients only (1.7%).
According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the duo provided the person, who died of an overdose, with heroin, tramadol, procyclidine and meprobamate for free to consume.
Oral lorazepam was allowed sparingly for insomnia and procyclidine 5mg and propranolol were given for the treatment of extra pyramidal side effects for any length of time.
Some of the prescription drugs which were taken include antipsychotic medication Olanzapine, hypnotic agent Zopiclone, which is used in the treatment of insomnia, antidepressant Sertraline and Procyclidine, which blocks the effects of certain chemicals in the brain.
A toxicology report noted that, at the time of his death, Mr Thomas had two to three times the expected levels of procyclidine in his system.
She has been on various psychotropic medications in the past including fluoxetine, venlafaxine, olanzapine and procyclidine.