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tr.v. prod·ded, prod·ding, prods
1. To jab or poke, as with a pointed object.
2. To goad to action; incite.
1. A pointed object used to prod: a cattle prod.
2. An incitement; a stimulus.

[Origin unknown.]

prod′der n.


or prod  (prŏd)
n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a Protestant.


1. the act or an instance of poking or jabbing with or as if with a pointed object
2. the act or an instance of rousing or urging to action: She did her chores without prodding..
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Noun1.prodding - a verbalization that encourages you to attempt somethingprodding - a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something; "the ceaseless prodding got on his nerves"
encouragement - the expression of approval and support


[ˈprɒdɪŋ] n (= prompting) → encouragement m
without prodding → sans qu'on l'y encourage or sans qu'on les y encourage
References in classic literature ?
For, when a man with a wooden leg lies prone on his stomach to peep under bedsteads; and hops up ladders, like some extinct bird, to survey the tops of presses and cupboards; and provides himself an iron rod which he is always poking and prodding into dust-mounds; the probability is that he expects to find something.
Michael was for growing restless at such searching examination, but Daughtry, in the midst of feeling out the lines and build of the thighs and hocks, paused and took Michael's tail in his magic fingers, exploring the muscles among which it rooted, pressing and prodding the adjacent spinal column from which it sprang, and twisting it about in a most daringly intimate way.
I was prodding for my food into a camp-kettle when they were howling for their pap.
It was some time before George became aware that a hand was prodding him in the ribs.
There was a sudden crash and the car came to a halt, and the ingot toppled out upon a moving platform, where steel fingers and arms seized hold of it, punching it and prodding it into place, and hurrying it into the grip of huge rollers.