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1. Impressively great in size, force, or extent; enormous: a prodigious storm.
2. Extraordinary; marvelous: a prodigious talent.
3. Obsolete Portentous; ominous.

[Latin prōdigiōsus, portentous, monstrous, from prōdigium, omen.]

pro·di′gious·ly adv.
pro·di′gious·ness n.
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The last slow trailers in the rear of the exodus were just passing, and Nalasu, his bow and his eighty arrows clutched to him, Jerry at his heels, made his first step to follow, when the air above him was rent by a prodigiousness of sound.
War and Peace went through seven drafts; we all know what a prodigious writer Tolstoy was [although this prodigiousness bordered on the excessive].) (Fu 1998, 174) While approving of Chang's raw literary talent, Fu Lei argued that her lack of literary apprenticeship, coupled with a corresponding lack of analytical acumen, resulted in a narrative world riddled with superstition and triviality.
He is one artist whose prodigiousness belies his age but whose solid craftsmanship reaffirms his ageless art.
In terms of sheer productivity and prodigiousness, the only other comparison which comes to my mind is the great Bhisham Sahni, a son of Rawalpindi, writer in Urdu, Hindi and English, fellow-Progressive of Abbas and writer of the great partition novel, Tamas, whose birth centenary is still being celebrated.
They sent me recommendations for changes, saying, "You should write this or that," or "Say it this way or that way," and I realized they wanted to stay in their ignorant state; they wanted me to implement all that "national pride and prodigiousness" into this story, my story.
Throughout Western culture, this creature stands for sexual prodigiousness. In the motifs of classical art, such as the figure of Venus Anadyomene, the sea shell symbolizes the female vulva, an erotic theme that Mazzotti recasts from Botticelli's famous image of Venus rising from the sea.
Keeping to a theme of astonishing prodigiousness, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis' very first gig was a decade ago, when Kitty was just 10.
His signature closing statement, "Restiamo Umani" "Stay Human" took shape as flags, skin color and religion disappeared and manifested into a white dove flying through the immense space and prodigiousness of what Vittorio was, is and will continue to be.
To appreciate Mailer's prodigiousness, simply go online and enter the search "Lee Harvey Oswald." Immediately, you are inside a crossfire of Web links pointing at all aspects of Oswald's life--in Dallas, in New Orleans, his childhood, his stint in the Marines, his Italian-made Carcano rifle, his own killing by mob hanger-on Jack Ruby, and on and on.