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 (prə-do͞os′, -dyo͞os′, prō-)
v. pro·duced, pro·duc·ing, pro·duc·es
1. To bring forth; yield: a plant that produces pink flowers.
a. To create by physical or mental effort: produce a tapestry; produce a poem.
b. To manufacture: factories that produce cars and trucks.
3. To cause to occur or exist; give rise to: chemicals that produce a noxious vapor when mixed.
4. To bring forth; exhibit: reached into a pocket and produced a pack of matches; failed to produce an eyewitness to the crime.
5. To act or operate as producer for: produce a stage play; produce a video.
6. Mathematics To extend (an area or volume) or lengthen (a line).
1. To make or yield products or a product: an apple tree that produces well.
2. To manufacture or create economic goods and services.
n. (prŏd′o͞os, prō′do͞os)
Farm products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, considered as a group.

[Middle English producen, to proceed, extend, from Latin prōdūcere, to extend, bring forth : prō-, forward; see pro-1 + dūcere, to lead; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]

pro·duc′i·ble, pro·duce′a·ble adj.
Synonyms: produce, bear1, yield
These verbs mean to bring forth as a product: a mine that produces gold; a seed that finally bore fruit; a plant that yields a medicinal oil.
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References in classic literature ?
There was really no producible reason for keeping the lovers waiting, and no excuse for deferring the wedding-day beyond the first week in September.
I had in vain tried everything producible that began with a T, from tar to toast and tub.
The exaltation which she had described as being producible at will by gazing at a star, came now without any determination of hers; she undulated upon the thin notes of the second-hand harp, and their harmonies passed like breezes through her, bringing tears into her eyes.
If the reader desires to make acquaintance with the associates of my captivity, I must refer him to "Scenes of Modern Prison Life," by Thersites Junior, now doubtless extremely scarce, but producible to the demands of patience and perseverance, I should imagine, if anybody will be so obliging as to pass a week or so over the catalogue of the British Museum.
The use of his book to cultivated people might lie in its affording a kind of standard by which they might take measure of the maturity and producible quality of their own thoughts on a hundred important subjects.
He had arrived at none at all that was socially producible, and as for that matter of his "thinking" (thinking the better or the worse of anything there) he was wholly taken up with one subject of thought.
If the annals of apostasy offer anything comparable to such a declaration as that, I can only say that the case in point is not producible from the stores of my reading.
And, more than that, she recognized the plain truth -unwelcome as it was -- that the conviction now fixed in her own mind was thus far unsupported by a single fragment of producible evidence to justify it to the minds of others.
If he forces us to it, they'll be producible, won't they?"
Involved in public and producible troubles, you would have said, Here is my man.
That, Newman, having been solemnly assured by one not then producible that Smike was not the son of Snawley, and this person having offered to make oath to that effect, if necessary, they had by this communication been first led to doubt the claim set up, which they would otherwise have seen no reason to dispute, supported as it was by evidence which they had no power of disproving.