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 (prə-dŭk′tĭv, prō-)
1. Producing or capable of producing crops, goods, or services, especially in abundance: a productive stretch of land; a productive employee.
2. Marked by abundant production or achievement: a productive career. See Synonyms at fertile.
3. Yielding favorable or useful results; constructive: a productive suggestion.
4. Economics Of or involved in the creation of goods and services to produce wealth or value.
5. Effective in achieving specified results; originative. Used with of: policies productive of much harm.
6. Medicine
a. Producing mucus or sputum: a productive cough.
b. Forming new tissue: a productive inflammation.
7. Linguistics
a. Of or relating to the linguistic skills of speaking and writing.
b. Of or relating to a linguistic element or rule that can be used to form further examples of a particular feature or pattern. The English past tense suffix -ed is productive since it continues to be added to new verbs to form the past tense.

pro·duc′tive·ly adv.
pro·duc′tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.productively - in a productive way; "they worked together productively for two years"
fruitlessly, unproductively, unprofitably - in an unproductive manner


[prəˈdʌktɪvlɪ] ADV [use resources] → de manera productiva; [spend time] → provechosamente


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I am trying to find means of working productively for myself and for the laborers.
Nevertheless, this man held up his head too often to be very productively employed with his fingers.
Summary: New models to have the ability to climb steep slopes and work productively on uneven ground
And, the author contends that readers can learn enough about ArcGIS to use it productively without knowing all of the aspects of the program.
While a jail must fully implement and integrate all the elements to succeed in reducing negative inmate behavior, this article focuses on Element 6: keeping inmates productively occupied.
73) According to Brundage, a "preoccupation with black manliness" "circumscribed black women's roles in commemorations until at least World War I," (83) a point that might productively engage Glenda Gilmore (Gender and Jim Crow)'s argument regarding the alleged dominance of black women in post-Reconstruction public roles.
The personalized mobile technologies HP provides real estate professionals help them productively serve their clients.

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