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An introduction; a preface.

[Middle English proheme, from Old French, from Latin prooemium, from Greek prooimion : pro-, before; see pro-2 + oimē, song.]

pro·e′mi·al (prō-ē′mē-əl, -ĕm′ē-) adj.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) an introduction or preface, such as to a work of literature
[C14: from Latin prooemium introduction, from Greek prooimion, from pro-2 + hoimē song]
proemial adj


(ˈproʊ ɛm)

an introductory discourse; introduction; preface.
[1350–1400; earlier proheme, Middle English < Middle French < Latin prooemium < Greek prooímion prelude =pro- pro-2 + oím(ē) song + -ion diminutive suffix]
pro•e′mi•al (-ˈi mi əl, -ˈɛm i-) adj.

proem, proemium

a preface, preamble, or brief introduction, as to a book or other work.
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nEinleitung f
References in classic literature ?
I cannot better introduce the few poems which I shall present for your consideration, than by the citation of the Proem to Longfellow's "Waif":
So gloz'd the Tempter, and his Proem tun'd; Into the Heart of EVE his words made way, Though at the voice much marveling; at length Not unamaz'd she thus in answer spake.
consists of five essays on five emblematic topics: the Voice, the Sayable, the Demand, the Proem, and the Muse.
In the Proem to Book I, Spenser introduces this action into the poem by asking his muse to open to him the history "Of Faerie knights and fayrest Tanaquill, (14) / Whom that most noble Briton Prince [Arthur] so long / Sought through the world" (2.
Abstract: This paper will outline several guiding principles concerning a comprehensive interpretation of Parmenides' proem through the analysis of one of its essential elements: the daughters of the Sun.
Up to now, Many studies indicate the effect of bacterial infection and failure of dental implants, therefore, from past up to now many studies have been done to increase the anti bacterial properties of implant materials such as titanium, for example, the antibacterial impact of Titanium hollow cylinder implants carried out in 1987 as a proem of continuing researches [27].
In effect, this poem or proem, a combination of poetry and prose poetry, tells the story of a visual misunderstanding.
Mann moves next to the proem to The Faerie Queene, which carefully renegotiates a famous hyperbaton in the first lines of Vergil's Aeneid, and she proceeds to Book VI, in which the same trope mediates the breaches in decorum met by, and brought on by, Calidore as the knight of Courtesy.
by a proem whose ritual meaning was: the story is infinite, it began long ago (did it ever begin?
Indeed, Boccaccio's sophisticated application of a Livian historical framework in the proem, an Ovidian context in the "Author's Conclusion," and a generous scattering of classical allusion and pastiche throughout the tales themselves (a classicizing feature already noted by Ugo Foscolo in his 1825 discourse on the Decameron) implies, more than a mere "bent" toward the classical world, an impressive knowledge of some of its most celebrated authors.
Zangwill's proem expresses nostalgia for the separate life that he imagines the London ghetto formerly offered and increasingly does not.
In Memoriam, he argues, is structured typologically, running backwards and forwards in time due to its dedication page marking the date of Hallam's death and its detached proem dated 1849 (the only section to bear a date) that recants all that follows.