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also pro·fam·i·ly (prō-făm′ə-lē, -făm′lē)
Favoring or supporting traditional family life and structure, usually from a perspective of social conservatism.


(prəʊˈfæmɪlɪ; prəʊˈfæmlɪ)
US in favour of the family


or pro-fam•i•ly

(proʊˈfæm ə li, -ˈfæm li)

favoring or supporting laws against abortion; antiabortion.
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Malter, began her career with the Cook County state's attorney's office and left to found Profamily, a not-for-profit to help children of at-risk families in high-crime Chicago neighborhoods.
Under the leadership of the charismatic right-wing campaigner Phyllis Schlafly (whom the Republican party had excluded from all activities that didn't involve women), a growing so-called profamily, prolife, traditional values coalition came together to make its presence known in Houston.
One more thing worth noting: While we've focused here on discussing these 12TB drives, there are significant differences between Seagate's BarraCuda and its BarraCuda Profamily.
He described the 1987 Constitution as the best in the world because it is 'pro-God, procountry, propeople, propoor, prolife, profamily, promarriage, and proenvironment.
217) But Reagan's EITC proposal survived and grew, (218) and when he signed into law the Tax Reform Act of 1986, (219) he touted the bill as "the best antipoverty bill [and] the best profamily measure .
There is now general agreement among many cultural historians that the era was, to an unprecedented degree, "a profamily period if there ever was one" (Coontz 24).
The passage of IIRIRA (42) in 1996 brought about major changes in the United States' previously profamily immigration policy, although the current preferences system did not change.
This is an area where people of good conscience on both sides could come together and support an agenda that is truly both prowomen and profamily.
It also examines how women call upon the classic muscle car to project and protect profamily and traditional gender ideologies while celebrating a particular construction of gender equality.
As an official at Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian advocacy group, concedes, the issue was low on the "radar for profamily conservatives" because of the "confusing rhetoric of same-sex adoption, the media bombarding the public with images of happy gay couples taking in disadvantaged kids," and the argument that "this kind of family is better than no family.
Pope Benedict has articulated a Catholic environmental vision which is pro-life, profamily, pro-poor, pro-peace and fundamentally relational: We are to receive one another as gifts.
Some commentators in the profamily camp object not only to same-sex marriage, but also to civil unions, claiming that they will weaken marriage.