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Noun1.professional football - football played for pay
sport - the occupation of athletes who compete for pay
football, football game - any of various games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other's goal
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BLACK, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) coaches continue to be underrepresented in professional football, new research from Loughborough University has found.
adults who self-identify as professional football fans has fallen from 67% in December 2012, the last time Gallup asked the question, to 57% today.
UEFA'S proposed changes to the make-up of the Champions League could "irreversibly damage" Scottish football and other leagues set to miss out, according to Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster.
The Associated Press reported on June 24 about a burglar who turned out to be a former professional football player.
Roberts describes professional football receiving and its influence on the overall game before football was on television.
Neil Doncaster, chief executive of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL), Non-Executive Board Director for the Association of European Professional Football Leagues and Executive in Residence with Liverpool University Management School, came to Doha this week to share best practices from the SPFL with delegates at Josoor Institute's professional Certificate Programme on "Football and Sports Management".
FOR those advancing the case for Ched Evans to be able to resume his professional football career, here's a spot of news.
CONVICTED rapist Ched Evans should never be allowed to play professional football again, according to a Birmingham MP.
From the last decade of the twentieth century, professional football has become a transnational global business in which financial profits are as important as sports successes (1).
A PROFESSIONAL football club in Europe is being run by criminals, the former chief executive of the European Professional Football Leagues has alleged.
Free-to-air satellite broadcaster MBC has secured the broadcast rights for Saudi Arabian Professional Football League and the King Cup, in a ten-year deal worth over US$1 billion.
With these updates, the recently renamed NRG Stadium will become the first professional football stadium in the country to have energy-efficient LED lighting on the field and the maiden professional football stadium in Texas with a solar installation.

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