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Noun1.professional wrestling - wrestling for money
sport - the occupation of athletes who compete for pay
rassling, wrestling, grappling - the sport of hand-to-hand struggle between unarmed contestants who try to throw each other down
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Hulk Hogan has made it clear that he is ready and eager to return to the world of professional wrestling.
5 Star Wrestling claim to bring the most thrilling and physical sports entertainment action up close and personal to the huge numbers of fans who love and follow professional wrestling around the country.
Despite not quite reaching 'sporting greatness', I have managed to make steps into the sporting world, via the crazy world of professional wrestling.
Bahrain Cinema Company (Cineco) screened SummerSlam, which is a professional wrestling pay-per view (PPV) event, in its biggest auditorium.
Yes kayfabe is an actual word, of sorts--it's a term used in professional wrestling (and remember, the WWE's founders, Vince and Linda McMahon are big Trumpists--after all, she is his SBA administrator).
KARACHI -- Pakistan's only icon in professional wrestling circuit Badshah Pehlwan Khan outwrestled former WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion Carlito after a tough battle to steal the show at the first-ever professional wrestling event in Pakistan.
The landscape of professional wrestling has seen a significant change in the last few years.
Flesh Gordon on the occasion said he had found Pakistanis sports lovers and was happy that professional wrestling would take place in such a nice country.
Entertainment mobile app Flipps Media has launched FITE TV, a one-stop shop for viewing all sports within the fighting discipline, including MMA, professional wrestling, boxing and traditional martial arts.
ON Friday, October 9, the Theatre John Ambrose in Ruthin will once again play host to a night of professional wrestling in aid of charity.
Brown does an outstanding job conveying the excitement and drama of professional wrestling, and it is clear that he has exhaustively researched Roussimoff's life.
American ring announcer for boxing and professional wrestling Michael Buffer will be joined by fellow countryman, MMA artist and sports commentator Patrick Jay Miletich and Australian sports commentator Michael Schiavello at the GFC event on May 29.

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