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tr.v. pro·fes·sion·al·ized, pro·fes·sion·al·iz·ing, pro·fes·sion·al·iz·es
To make professional.

pro·fes′sion·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.professionalization - the social process whereby people come to engage in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood; "the professionalization of American sports"; "the professionalization of warfare"
social process - a process involved in the formation of groups of persons
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As previously reported, Craig-Hallum analyst Brad Berning upgraded Redfin to Buy from Hold as he believes the company is well-positioned for the increasing competition and digitalization of distribution channels that will enable consumers to demand greater service and drive the professionalization of the residential real estate agent industry.
THE country's institute dedicated to the professionalization of Philippine corporate directorship has recognized Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) for responsible stewardship and governance excellence in the conduct of its business.
'The USA has expanded a defence relationship with Nepal, focusing on high availability/disaster recovery, peacekeeping operations, defence professionalization, ground force capacity, and counter-terrorism as a part of bilateral cooperation and has nothing to do with Indo-Pacific Strategy,' said Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali responding to a query posed by People's Review.
The Council for Career Enhancement and Professionalization (CCEP), one of 14 employee affinity groups at the Department of State, hosted a speed mentoring event, April 17, where four Department leaders gathered to offer their years of experience and advice to approximately 30 participants.
Significant elements of this optimal model include: (a) change of existing cadres into functional fields of specialization; (b) installation and activation of the full scope and capacity of an Integrated Public Human Resource/Payroll Information System; (c) professionalization of personnel administration functions at centre and line ministries levels; (d) new training policy and leadership development scheme; (e) institution of a new performance management or performance appraisal and promotion systems; (f) anew pay, compensations and incentive system; etc.
It was only through an intense professionalization process that the navy was able to emerge as a truly dominant force by the end of the century.
Embassy in Beirut launched the U.S.-funded "Corrections Professionalization Program." This program will continue for three years, and includes developing and implementing a system of inmate classification in addition to continuous training for corrections officers.
It is believed that the member's perception of the results of value co-creation can be influenced by the level of professionalization of management.
The first national forum themed "Importance of Early Childhood Development and Prospects for Professionalization" will be held in Bishkek, organizers told a press conference in AKIpress today.
Ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) are pushing for the adoption of policies and measures to protect migrant workers, and the professionalization of the civil service among member countries.
The second part details aspects of professionalization and everyday operations, including the entry of young people into the business, the inclusion of more women, changes in agency-client relationships, the shift in power from account management to the creative department, the roles of support staff and the effects of technological change and professionalization on them, and challenges faced by CEOs and managing directors.

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