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The rank, office, or term of office of a professor.
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Poliakoff nevertheless write, "Concern that tenure sometimes protects incompetent faculty is shared by the public (81 percent) and professorate (95 percent) alike." (16) Think about that stastistic for a moment: Professors are more likely than the general public to believe that tenure protects incompetent faculty.
Zhu Xiaogang, vice president and professorate senior engineer at CCECC, said the company's construction projects in light railways and subway projects are mostly in Asia.
BTW, I taught on the tenure track for five years at one of your sister institutions, Fitchburg State University, where I discovered intellectual corruption and cowardice to be ubiquitous in the professorate, where careerism, careerism, careerism far outweigh rude-truth telling.
The award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the industrial engineering discipline, who exemplifies the highest standards of the professorate in industrial engineering, and who has demonstrated global co-operation and understanding through leadership and other initiatives.
Attracting students to the professorate: A faculty shadowing experience.
Since Boyer's 1990 report, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professorate, a number of researchers have discussed the features of scholarly teaching and of the SoTL (Glanville & Houde, 2004; Glassick, 2000; Grise-Owens, Owens, & Miller, 2016; Spake & Salem, 2005).
In the bargain, Cassuto also believes that the training of a new professorate steeped in a broader, more accessible culture-of teaching, public service, and liberal education will help the humanities reconnect with the larger public who have lost faith in the academy.
In this Article, I will first describe the disparate treatment and conditions that make the skills professorate the "other professorate." I will then explain how the dichotomy (1) reinforces harmful race, class, and gender hierarchies in the legal academy and (2) produces an elitist knowledge hierarchy that prevents students from obtaining a holistic legal education.
The vast literature on teacher education the professorate has created is ignored.
Preparing African Americancounselor education doctoral students for the professorate. College Student Journal, 41, 886-890.