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The rank, office, or term of office of a professor.
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The award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to the industrial engineering discipline, who exemplifies the highest standards of the professorate in industrial engineering, and who has demonstrated global co-operation and understanding through leadership and other initiatives.
Since Boyer's 1990 report, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professorate, a number of researchers have discussed the features of scholarly teaching and of the SoTL (Glanville & Houde, 2004; Glassick, 2000; Grise-Owens, Owens, & Miller, 2016; Spake & Salem, 2005).
To speak of Orientalism therefore is to speak mainly, although not exclusively, of a British and French cultural enterprise, a project whose dimensions take in such disparate realms as the imagination itself, the whole of India and the Levant, the Biblical texts and the Biblical lands, the spice trade, colonial armies and a long tradition of colonial administrators, a formidable scholarly corpus, innumerable Oriental "experts" and "hands", an Oriental professorate, a complex array of "Oriental" ideas (Oriental despotism, Oriental splendor, cruelty, sensuality), many Eastern sects, philosophies, and wisdoms domesticated for local European use the list can be extended more or less indefinitely".
In the bargain, Cassuto also believes that the training of a new professorate steeped in a broader, more accessible culture-of teaching, public service, and liberal education will help the humanities reconnect with the larger public who have lost faith in the academy.
In this Article, I will first describe the disparate treatment and conditions that make the skills professorate the "other professorate.
The vast literature on teacher education the professorate has created is ignored.
Nonetheless, the professorate plays an important role in the academic achievement of underprepared students and the college student of color--a pivotal and crucial role in both their social and academic success.
Mr Ding Yi holds PhD and is a professorate senior engineer.
Over the past five years, we have seen the corporatizing influence creeping into higher education with the same narrative applied to the professorate.
The doctoral degree in counselor education is formulated to prepare candidates for the professorate and all of the duties it entails, including research, service, and teaching.
In the student evaluation literature, there is more research on the effects of professor gender than professor race on student ratings, probably because non-White professors are such a minority in the professorate.