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Having or marked by an advanced degree of competence, as in an art, vocation, profession, or branch of learning.
A person who exhibits such competence; an expert.

[Latin prōficiēns, prōficient-, present participle of prōficere, to make progress; see profit.]

pro·fi′cient·ly adv.
Synonyms: proficient, adept, skilled, skillful, accomplished, expert
These adjectives mean having or showing knowledge, ability, or skill, as in a profession or field of study. Proficient implies an advanced degree of competence acquired through training: is proficient in Greek and Latin.
Adept suggests a natural aptitude improved by practice: became adept at cutting the fabric without using a pattern.
Skilled implies sound, thorough competence and often mastery, as in an art, craft, or trade: a skilled gymnast who won an Olympic medal.
Skillful adds to skilled the idea of natural dexterity in performance or achievement: is skillful in the use of the hand loom.
Accomplished bears with it a sense of refinement after much training and practice: an accomplished violinist who played the sonata flawlessly.
Expert applies to one with consummate skill and command: an expert negotiator who struck a deal between disputing factions.
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Adv.1.proficiently - in a proficient manner; "he dealt proficiently with the problem"
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بِبَراعَه، بِخِبْرَه، بِحِذْق
af færni


[prəˈfɪʃntlɪ] advabilmente
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(prəˈfiʃənt) adjective
skilled; expert.
proˈficiently adverb
proˈficiency noun
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The production proficiently utilizes its lead protagonist Dani Ardor's (Florence Pugh) grief and sources of anxiety as it builds a sense of sinister doom while her story unravels.
This board as a whole has great energy and skills to proficiently move the District's agenda forward."
In support of the Central Bank of Kuwait's instructions and regulations, Burgan Bank has maintained 6 fully-equipped branches at convenient locations, in Adaliyah, Bayan, Khaitan, Qurain, Riqqa and Al Qosour, allowing physically disabled, visually impaired and seniors to carry out their banking transactions proficiently, independently and with utmost ease.
The commander said that drug crime was badly affecting the society so that it was needed to address this menace with iron hand, adding that ANF despite of its limited resources was fighting proficiently against drug menace.
"An assault against a lawyer or a court personnel is an affront to the legal profession and the Judiciary," IBP-Ilocos Norte further stressed, adding, "when lawyers and court officers are made to live under threat of violence, our sworn functions are not proficiently rendered and the rule of law is seriously degraded." On Saturday night, motorcycle-riding gunmen also shot a former Ilocos Norte provincial legal officer in front of his home in Laoag City.
His Majesty the Sultan had once said that Oman can only continue her development and enable her community to cope proficiently and keep pace with all the changes taking place around it if she has young people with strong characters and a deep sense of responsibility and patriotism.
Increased awareness because of the internet and television is causing people to budget more proficiently which allows creating the financial space required for expenditures on special occasions.
Al-Mukalla, Sha'ban 03, 1439, April 19, 2018, SPA -- A number of Yemeni citizens have commended the efforts being exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to assist them and end their sufferings, pointing out that they have waited for their operations for five months until the arrival of the medical cadre of Al-Balsam International Organization and carrying out operations for them skillfully and proficiently. They expressed their thanks to the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz for its continuing humanitarian aid for the Yemeni people, also thanking Arab Coalition forces being led by the Kingdom to facilitate the arrival of the team of Al-Balsam International Organization and its entry into Hadramout province .
CRI-Roots Confucius Classroom offers Chinese language classes across the Roots Millennium Schools, in the private sector, with the aim of teaching students to speak and write Chinese as proficiently. Millennium Chinese Language Department has 18 Full Time Teachers and nearly 8500 students learning Chinese Language.
'PBIT is working proficiently to promote investment projects to potential investors worldwide and facilitate them in every possible way,' Jahanzeb said after signing the MoU.
The 10mm was just too powerful for proficiently training the huge mass of American law enforcement folks who eventually transitioned to the .40 S&W.