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Adj.1.profit-maximising - making the profit as great as possible; "the profit-maximizing price"
increasing - becoming greater or larger; "increasing prices"
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He shows that a merchant storage operator tends to under-use storage compared to welfare-maximising use, because it is profit-maximising for the firm to maintain a larger price difference between on- and off-peak periods (relative to welfare-maximising use).
The literature suggests three main determinants requiring specialised focus for propitiating SEZs-related locational challenges: profit-maximising behaviour, trade-off between different factors and spatial structure of demand and supply.
Putting the supply of a risky product in the hands of profit-maximising private interests with little interest in public health is not a recipe for success.
Given its unique function, we are of the view that PAAB is an entity that is ultimately backed by the Government of Malaysia (GoM) as it continuously relies on external funding for capex and is tasked with social responsibilities without a profit-maximising objective.
Section two discusses some of the theoretical sports economics literature in the settings of both profit-maximising and win-maximising clubs.
There is ongoing debate over hospital reform although it is clear that hospitals which operate as profit-maximising businesses produce outcomes which are discordant with the public interest.
"We are well-placed to retain our profit-maximising 65 percent domestic market share." The announcement comes as an ash plume from Chile's Puyehue volcano wreaks travel chaos in Australia and New Zealand, forcing widespread flight cancellations and delays that have stranded thousands of travellers.
In fact, the profit-maximising price is the one that relates most closely to customer value.
"Although EIB is policy-driven rather than profit-maximising, the bank consistently generates profits and has never recorded an operating loss," said Alexander Kockerbeck, a Vice President-Senior Credit Officer in Moody's Sovereign Risk Group.
"Adopting precisely the same short-term, profit-maximising mentality that gave us the financial crash in the first place."
Bandelj is sceptical of profit maximisation because a businessman cannot be certain of the consequences of his actions and because an analyst cannot infer profit-maximising goals from businessmen's behaviour.
As per the government plan, the development bank will be split into two organisations -- the Korea Development Fund, which will continue to provide public policy finance, and a bank, which will operate as a profit-maximising organisation.