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or pro-form  (prō′fôrm′)
An item in a sentence, typically a pronoun, verb, or adverb, that substitutes for a constituent phrase or clause, as the words he and so in the sentence He said so, with the pronoun he replacing a noun phrase such as the president and the adverb so replacing a clause such as that he would leave today.
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Rooney's former management company, Proform Sports Management Ltd, had brought a claim against Mr Stretford and Proactive, alleging that they had induced the player to breach his contract with his former agent but the Judge considered Proform's case to have no real prospect of success.
The pair, who run Proform Sports Management, claim Stretford signed Rooney while the England star was still under contract with them.
The pair, who run Proform Sports Management in Liverpool, claim Mr Stretford signed Rooney while he was still under contract with them.
Because candidates have these competing communicative needs of distinguishing themselves while simultaneously building solidarity, the campaign situation provides an opportunity to determine if the association of exclusive proform usage with men and inclusive proform usage with women holds in an environment that favors male candidates in one manner while favoring female candidates in another manner.
Lawyers for Hyland's Proform Sports Management company are demanding access to the documents detailing how much the agency has earned through Rooney since the 2000 switch.
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