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 (prə-found′, prō-)
adj. pro·found·er, pro·found·est
1. Having, showing, or requiring great insight or understanding: a profound thinker; a profound analysis.
2. Deeply felt or held; intense: profound contempt; a profound conviction.
3. Thoroughgoing; far-reaching: profound social changes.
4. Unqualified or unbroken: a profound silence; profound sleep.
5. Situated at, extending to, or coming from a great depth; deep: a profound chasm.

[Middle English profounde, from Old French profond, deep, from Latin profundus : prō-, before; see pro-1 + fundus, bottom.]

pro·found′ly adv.
pro·found′ness n.
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Noun1.profoundness - extremeness of degree; "the profoundness of his ignorance"
ultimacy, ultimateness - the state or degree of being ultimate; the final or most extreme in degree or size or time or distance, "the ultimacy of these social values"
2.profoundness - wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profoundprofoundness - wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound; "the anthropologist was impressed by the reconditeness of the native proverbs"
wisdom - accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment
3.profoundness - the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideasprofoundness - the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas
sapience, wisdom - ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight
4.profoundness - the quality of being physically deep; "the profundity of the mine was almost a mile"
depth, deepness - the extent downward or backward or inward; "the depth of the water"; "depth of a shelf"; "depth of a closet"
bottomlessness - the property of being very deep; without limit
5.profoundness - intellectual depth; penetrating knowledge; keen insight; etc; "the depth of my feeling"; "the profoundness of the silence"
depth - degree of psychological or intellectual profundity
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Intellectual penetration or range:
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He needed a shock; or perhaps he required to take a deep, deep plunge into the ocean of human life, and to sink down and be covered by its profoundness, and then to emerge, sobered, invigorated, restored to the world and to himself.
We do not with sufficient plainness or sufficient profoundness address ourselves to life, nor dare we chaunt our own times and social circumstance.
Or unto eagles like which fixedly, Long adown the precipice look, Adown THEIR precipice:-- Oh, how they whirl down now, Thereunder, therein, To ever deeper profoundness whirling!-- Then,
Tjivikua expressed profoundness over TransNamib involvement in the new supply chain to evacuate manganese to the markets for production, beneficiation and value addition.
'So how do you look for or offer even a tinge of profoundness in that?
Without a conversation with the man, Jesus simply asks the man to go and wash, modelling the simplicity and the profoundness of actions for God's love.
The banality of seeking existential profoundness is demythologized when one begins to see that, "[t]he seduction lay in the chaos.
The test was the toughest one and was a fresh reality check to fathom profoundness of amity between both countries.
Using a language full of charm and spiritual profoundness, Venerable Paisios of Mount Athos entrusted us that: "The soul is sanctified when the body is in pain.
Known for his classy yet stylish chairs, Fioravanti highlighted the importance of form and taking inspiration from everyday things that contribute to the profoundness and mystery of a visually interesting and engaging design.