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1. Of or relating to the phase of the menstrual cycle immediately following ovulation, characterized by secretion of progesterone.
a. Of or relating to progesterone and its actions.
b. Having actions similar to progesterone. Used of a drug.


1. (Physiology) of or relating to the phase of the menstrual cycle, lasting approximately 14 days, during which the uterus is prepared for pregnancy by the secretion of progesterone from the corpus luteum
2. (Physiology) preceding gestation; before pregnancy


(ˌproʊ dʒɛˈsteɪ ʃə nl)

1. prepared for pregnancy, as the lining of the uterus prior to menstruation or in the early stages of gestation itself.
2. of, noting, or characteristic of the action of progesterone.
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Adj.1.progestational - of or relating to progesterone (or to a drug with effects like those of progesterone)
2.progestational - preceding and favoring gestation; of or relating to physiological changes associated with ovulation and formation of the corpus luteum