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 (prō-glŏt′ĭd) also pro·glot·tis (-glŏt′ĭs)
n. pl. pro·glot·tids also pro·glot·ti·des (-glŏt′ĭ-dēz′)
One of the segments of a tapeworm, containing both male and female reproductive organs.

[Greek proglōttis, proglōttid-, tip of the tongue (from its shape) : pro-, before; see pro-2 + glōtta, tongue.]

pro·glot′tic, pro′glot·ti·de′an (-glŏt-ĭ-dē′ən, -glŏ-tĭd′ē-ən) adj.


(prəʊˈɡlɒtɪs) or


n, pl -glottides (-ˈɡlɒtɪˌdiːz)
(Zoology) any of the segments that make up the body of a tapeworm. Each contains reproductive organs and separates from the worm when filled with fertilized eggs
[C19: from Greek proglōssis, proglōttis point of the tongue, from pro-2 + glōssa, glōtta (so called because of its shape)]
proˈglottic, ˌproglotˈtidean adj
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Each sheep was fed 20 adult cestodes with fertilized egg proglottis by mouth, and all 16 sheep were raised under the same conditions.
In this way, the sheep model with Echinococcus granulosus infection was established, whereas, in our research, adult cestodes with fertilized egg proglottis were fed orally to sheep, and the objective was to imitate natural infection with hydatids.